Tuesday, 3rd April, 2001: In Which God Provides

A good day, I had a good interview today for the librarian position down at Thomas Mitchell Primary School in Endeavour Hills. They are going to be interviewing someone else tomorrow, and they should know by Friday to whom they will offer the job.

If I get that job that means taht I will be starting on April the 24th, which will be good because that means that everything will be starting at the same time. Cathy has also been to visit Centrelink, and we got the surprising news just a moment ago that not only will we be getting around $220 a fortnight for the two girls, but we will be backdated payments to the tune of $4,300! Which is staggering! And will really help us along, I can assure you.

The father of the bride from Saturday’s wedding also dropped around and deposited $140 with me so we are certainly being looked after at this point at time. God is very very good indeed, and sometimes I wonder why I don’t trust him more.

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