Tuesday, 17th April, 2001: I finally decide to act and resign from the Lutheran Ministry

It must be a good place for making decisions down here. We are about to leave from Cowes, just packing up at the moment, thought I'd add this note. Today I made the decision that I will write a letter to the Pastor's conference that is meeting next week to tell them that I am giving notice of my resignation as of the end of June from the ministry entirely.

I think it is important for my integrity, and because now I am in a different position from what I was three months ago when I tendered my resignation from the parish. Especially now that I have a new spiritual home, and I have a new pastor.

I want to be identified as being a Catholic, I've got a place to go to. I won't be returning to the Lutheran Church, not a hope of it. Certainly not as a Lutehran pastor (they wouldn't have me, I don't think!). This letter I'm going to write to the Pastors Conference will bypass the Distrit President and will give me the chance to defend my integrity to them, explain why I am doing this, express my grief and my sadness, and that I don't have to go through his filter.

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