Monday, 31st July, 2000

[Not recorded here is the fact that on the way home from Synod, I stayed with my parents again in Pinnaroo, and told them that it was now only a question of time before I left the Lutheran Church. - David 11/12/06]

I am in very low spirits at the moment. I woke up in a cold sweat at about 2am on Saturday morning (now at home) after having had a dream argument with the LCA General President that reached passionate hieghts. I remember the final words: “But don’t you see that that will be the end of the church!?” I have no idea what the issue was that I was so passionate about! Then last night I dreamed about the eucharistic hospitality issue. This is obviously weighing heavily on my mind!

I told Cathy this morning that I have no further desire to remain in the LCA. I am going ahead with the anullment, and then going from there. She took it calmly enough. I think she expected it.

I have been corresponding all day with other pastors who were at the Synod. And I have corresponded further with Fr John Fleming.

The three of us (P., Peter and I) are meeting on Wednesday to “debrief”.

One of my elders wants an elders meeting to discuss whatever it was on my mind last time we met. I don’t know how to tell them, or if I will, but I do think that we must address the consequences of Synod.

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