Wednesday, 5th July, 2000

I didn’t record in the last entry that I met with my spiritual director at the Wantirna Pub to tell him where things stand at the moment. It was a good time together, and he was confident and pleased that I had been led to work this out “in communio”. He said that he had the feeling of being present at something historic. Well, I don’t know about that.

I also met with P., as usual, last Wednesday, and an interesting insight came out of that. I have been pushing him to come down on one side of the fence or the other, and he has been reluctant until he is able to speak to our Seminary mentor at Synod. However, he says that our mentor will not be able to “argue him out of it” since his argumentation and logic are all correct as far as he can see (Peter Holmes is still having doubts on this score). He said “My head is there already, but my heart isn’t”. And then I realised that for me it has been exactly the other way around: My heart has been there for ages--these last two months have simply been trying to build a line between where I am and where my heart is. Peter Holmes is still “line-checking”. Anyway, I am meeting with them both today.

Two friends from Cathy’s parish came for tea last Friday night. I told them about my journey as Cathy was putting Maddy to sleep. I think she understands a little more than he did. He was quite scornful--he said I am only seeing things through the eyes of history, rather than through the eyes of present reality. Personally, I think to really understand present reality, we have to understand history. Time is not one dimensional.

I also had a good “trial run” discussion with Cathy’s parents on Sunday. They were both still at the dinner table (at Cathy’s brother’s place) long after everyone else had left, and somehow we got onto the topic of the papacy. I played “devil’s advocate” (or is that “Rome’s Advocate”) without disclosing my current beliefs. I think it went fairly well, with Cathy’s father conceding that the papacy was perhaps more reasonable than he had previously supposed.

Cathy asked last night if I was doing anything about the annulment. I said, not for now, although I am thinking about it a lot. I will do something after Synod.

I am hanging out for the national Synod in South Australia. Really. I am especially looking forward to the motorcycle ride there and back. Some thinking time.

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