Sunday 28th May, 2000

On Friday, I made an appointment with Father Tony Kerin of the Dioscesan Marriage Tribunal. I am to see him for an intitial interview on June 7th. I don’t hold out a lot of hope. I don’t know what will happen...

I rang an old friend from my Seminary days today. He had been something of a mentor in my discovery of “catholic” worship and liturgy at the Seminary. I  told him of my decision—for the first time I met with some resistance to my idea. He seems to be convinced of the traditional view of papal authority—as long as it is by “human right”.

But such authority is no authority at all! Either authority in the church must be divine or it is no better than any other individual’s opinion.

Further, my friend believes that the insistence on male celibate priests is a hindrance.

But what problem is there in this? Especially compared to the rather ridiculous abuses taking place on the Lutheran side of the coin.

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